Experience the soothing

beauty of nature

on your skin.

There is a name for natural beauty and it’s called Sudbury Botanical Body Care. We reveal and mirror the beauty of nature through simplicity, unique botanical ingredients and infused plants in order to enrich and endorse a person’s true, natural beauty. We pride ourselves and mother nature, in making the most refreshing, moisturising and exquisite ranges of cosmeceutical products that are clinically tested and approved.

“Being lost in fantasy,

is the motivation to reach reality.”

– Eric Stols

The essence of our botanicals and infused plants are captured in Bath Oils, Bath Salts, Body Butters, Lotions and Creams, Soaps, Hand and Body Washes as well as Massage Oils. Our products are made with natural ingredients by using 100% pure essential oils, plants, herbs, and extracts. No artificial colourants are added to our products and they better with age as the infused plants and herbs take on a colouring process and the time infusion better the quality and results on the skin. These gifts from nature come in beautiful glass packaging that is 100% recyclable for a more sustainable lifestyle. It’s time for you to experience the soothing beauty of nature on your skin.

Our Collections:

& Rooibos

& Thyme

& Green Tea

& White Tea